Social Engagements

Omalanga Soccer

Omalanga Safaris launched the Omalanga Soccer project to provide an opportunity for empowerment through leadership development, team cooperation, discipline, sportsmanship, and self worth.

In the past, we received incredible donations from Dr Cory’s MD and FC Phoenix in the form of uniforms and clothes and hope to shine some light on many more youngsters’ lives with similar donations.

As with the game of soccer, we would like to be able to pass the ball of joy and giving, and in our own way, pay it forward.

Social Welfare for Children and the Elderly, Otavi

Omalanga Safaris has an ongoing relationship with various homes and institutions in Otavi. We work hard to assist those in need and have aided and shown support in multiple welfare projects. 

Some of these projects are simple, and they happen annually, such as donating clothes, school uniforms, school fees and food. Other projects are more complex, but also more enduring – we have assisted in providing materials and man-power when building houses, proper sanitation and providing these houses with the essentials of living. There is also a great need for recreation welfare – this encourages young people to take part in healthy social interactions, rather than start trouble in the streets. 

Ultimately, we have discovered that only by giving a little of ourselves, can we make a change to our local community.