We are pleased that you are visiting our website and hope that we will be able to welcome you personally in the near future. Would you like to learn more about Omalanga? Then we have compiled a timeline for you, which presents the history from 1999 to 2024 in a clear and informative way.

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Krieghoff as hunting partner

Since the year 2002 Krieghoff has chosen us as their hunting partner in Africa. The cooperation between Omalanga and Krieghoff will continue for the years to come.

Sustainable hunting

The protection of our animals is important to us. Hunting is strictly regulated and carried out only by trained hunting guides.

Ethical hunting

Hunting from the off-road vehicle is not allowed for ethical reasons. All rifles are first calibrated on the shooting range to familiarize our guests with the Rifle.

Bushman settlement

In the north of Namibia there are few Bushman settlements. One of them is located on Omalanga itself. Experience the tricks and survival techniques of the Bushmen with a guided tour.

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Upon arrival you will be welcomed with a refreshing drink. Your luggage will be brought to your room by the staff. You can choose between a luxury chalet or a safari tent. Both accommodations are fully equipped with a bathroom and closet. In the Lapa you can enjoy a pool table, the bar and a fireplace.

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Prior to your arrival in Namibia, we will obtain a permit for the types of animals you request. Upon request, we will provide you with a selection of rental rifles. Once you are familiar with the rifle, the hunt can begin.

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We will inform you, organize and book your desired trip. We offer both day trips and photo safaris. There is no charge for a quote. Working with personal information is handled confidentially.

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